Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Staring, People Watching!

Disneyland is by far one of the best places to people watch.  Especially when you have a Disney Annual Pass. I have been there too many times to count, and so it is easy to begin thinking of things to do while you're there with a friend or two.  This is what I enjoy.  First, pick out a really good spot for viewing people that pass you by such as a bench or a comfortable chair.  Then, have a seat, and begin viewing. It's almost as if your at a zoo, you never know what you will see next, who knows you might discover an entire new species!  Anyways, try it out, you'll see what I am talking about.  This is nothing new under the sun, however, you would be surprised, it is a pass time, that is never the same twice.  
So, how does people watching relate to living with a purpose at all? Well, it kind of does and kind of doesn't. Basically it does because once when I was at Disneyland I was waiting for my friend April to use the restroom, and there were two teenage girls sitting beside me waiting as well.  Anyways I struck up a conversation with these young ladies about going to church, and what it is to have a relationship with Jesus.  When my friend April came out of the restroom she didn't even ask any questions about what I was doing, she just went along with it.  Before I knew it these two ladies wanted to re-dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.  That had to have been the most awesome day at Disneyland that I have ever had.  


Mr. Fix My Computer said...

Your computer looks a little broken, come visit

Mayra S. said...

You're very much missed. Disneyland was the last time I saw you. You were with your brother and you had this radiant smile on your face. We had just gotten off Space Mountain. I wish I would have hugged you one more time. You were the sweetest person with a bird of paradise on your arm and Turquoise nail Polish. I'll never forget you!
Mayra S.

Mayra S. said...
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